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Auto Repair in Rockland, MA

Foreign & Domestic Auto Repairs

Quality auto repair is a partnership between a vehicle owner and their dedicated technician. This relationship saves lives–that is, engine lives. You still must be partnered with the right technicians–WCS Automotive in Rockland, MA. When you and WCS Automotive’s ASE Certified techs are working together to avoid all performance issues, you’ll save time, money, and stress. We’re working on all makes and models of vehicle–both foreign and domestic. We’re the best answer to that age-old question, “Do you know a good mechanic?” Volvo owners know our service expertise better than anyone. In addition to our full-service auto repairs, we specialize in servicing Volvos. Owners throughout the Rockland area have been receiving the benefit of our Volvo service expertise since we opened in 1989. Next time someone asks you about a repairs shop they can trust, just say, “I’ve read good things about WCS Automotive.” Or you could ask around about our exceptional auto repairs and services, then you’ll be able to say, “I’ve heard great things about WCS Automotive.”

Quality Same-Day Services

We build lasting relationships with our customers. This way we can get to know your vehicle’s performance needs, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your part in this owner/technician relationship is simple–all we need is your car, and your trust. Trust us to always have you and your vehicle’s best interest at heart. Auto repairs are our job, and we perform them with more speed and accuracy than any repair shop in this area. A trip to WCS Automotive’s repair facility doesn’t have to be an all day affair. We provide quality same-day services that make receiving auto service as convenient as possible. We understand that auto service appointments are an interruption to your already busy day. Our expert 10 bay facility is complete with a roomy and comfortable waiting area. With couches and complimentary coffee, there’s only one thing you need while you wait–Free WiFi! When you stop by WCS Automotive today, you’ll avoid costly repairs and breakdowns tomorrow. Our preventative maintenance services are handling that for you–the future.

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